Cyber Security

How Organizational Change Management Can Improve Cybersecurity Through Culture Transformation

By Mary Verrone / December 16, 2019

We are at war as criminals attack organizations to get people’s information.  Reform is needed in the way we defend ourselves and our organizations.  The call for change is all around us and our response has been slow.  Low user adoption, which is among the leading causes of security weaknesses, can help.  Change Management is about increasing adoption, while decreasing resistance.

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How Change Management Can Fight Cyber Attacks in Schools

By Mary Verrone / December 1, 2019

Six thousand students’ information is being held ransom from a cyber-attack that hit the Livingston, NJ School District on November 22.  Their classified information will not be released until the school pays a ransom or finds another way to get their data back.  In August, a New York School District paid nearly $100,000 from insurance.…

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