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Career Change Project Manager To A Change Manager

In this interview learn about making a career change from being a project manager to a change manager.
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Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Organizational Change Management

Is Change Management using the latest technology? There are so many exciting opportunities for Change Management Practitioners to drive increased adoption with AI, data science and machine learning!  While I have not used any of these yet, and haven’t found anyone who has, I’m looking forward to them. This article will: define change management, AI,…
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How To Deliver Technology Enabled Change

How To Deliver Technology Enabled Change   Webinar on How To Successfully Deliver And Imbed Technology Enabled Change (30 Min.) It’s surprising how many people don’t know what change management is!  At a Starbucks in a small NJ, US town, Steve Leebrook, the US CEO of Systems Accountants and I shared our surprise. Despite large…
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How To Write A Change Charter

How To Write A Change Charter Knowing how to write a change charter is key to your success for any change initiative! In business, we all hit a point where we need to undertake a change initiative. Often it’s because the marketplace is changing and the company needs to respond, or the culture needs to…
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Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 Leadership

Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 leadership is a great example of helping to save lives by changing the way we live. Never before have we asked to stay home to help others.  To change our behaviors has been a monumental effort by leaders around the world. It’s rare to see, on national TV, a change initiative in…
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Improve ROI By Integrating Change Management with Projects

How To Integrate Change Management with Project Management How often do we see projects not realize their full Return on Investment (ROI) because people didn’t accept the new change? It happens a lot.  Studies show 70% of change management initiatives don’t hit their objectives. Change management, the methodology of increasing adoption while decreasing resistance works…
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What is the Value of Prosci Change Management Certification?

What is the Value of Prosci Change Management Certification? At least once a week, I’m asked about the value of a Prosci Change Management Certification. Prosci is an excellent option if you are interested in change management, focusing on the people side of change.  This article will cover the reasons people invest in change management…
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What Is Change Management? It may not be what you think it is.

Last week I spoke to someone at a consulting firm that offers Change Management as a service, and they said, “Change Management is easy, it’s tracking the changes to a project.”  She’s not wrong, because there are two definitions for change management. Change Management Definition The term change management, according to the Oxford Dictionary has…
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How Organizational Change Management Can Improve Cybersecurity Through Culture Transformation

We are at war as criminals attack organizations to get people’s information.  Reform is needed in the way we defend ourselves and our organizations.  The call for change is all around us and our response has been slow.  Low user adoption, which is among the leading causes of security weaknesses, can help.  Change Management is about increasing adoption, while decreasing resistance.
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How Change Management Can Fight Cyber Attacks in Schools

Six thousand students’ information is being held ransom from a cyber-attack that hit the Livingston, NJ School District on November 22.  Their classified information will not be released until the school pays a ransom or finds another way to get their data back.  In August, a New York School District paid nearly $100,000 from insurance.…
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